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by MZ Edar (Tuesday, 1st April 2014)
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Older Item Catalog  >  2- Turkey Olive Oil  »  Minyak Zaitun Marmara PREMIUM 500ml Newer Item
Minyak Zaitun Marmara PREMIUM 500ml
RM90.00  MYR

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Super Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Turkey

MARMARA 0.3 is not the average olive oil that you normally get in the market. It is a Pharmaceutical Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the fact that its free FATTY ACIDITY content is only 0.3%, far below the 0.8% required for any olive oil to be certified as extra virgin. Bottled in dark elegant bottle and casing to protect and preserve its delicate taste and aroma to give you the orchard freshness. Excellent for salad dressing and can be taken orally as it helps to maintain your cholesterol level as well as your general health. It is a brand of choice in high end fine food stores across US, European Union and most recently in Japan. Try a bottle today, it's the best investment for you and your loved ones.

MARMARA 0.3………A choice you won't regret.
Tips on how to get the best out of extra virgin olive oil in your diet.

- The brand of your choice must have the lowest content of Free Fatty Acid.
- Take your extra virgin olive oil as naturally as possible since the ones infused with pepper, garlic, lemon, basil as flavor will alter its naturality.
- Best taken orally to allow it to mix with the ENZYM of our saliva before swallowing, not in form of capsule, pill, powder or soft gel.
- Extra virgin olive oil is not meant for cooking or deep frying as it will release fatty acid which will compromise its nutrient properties.


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