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by MZ Edar (Tuesday, 1st April 2014)
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Older Item Catalog  >  2- Turkey Olive Oil  »  Minyak Zaitun LALELI (Organic) Extra Virgin 500ml Newer Item
Minyak Zaitun LALELI (Organic) Extra Virgin 500ml
RM80.00  MYR

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Hanya buah bersaiz melebihi 16mm dan yang dipetik dengan tangan ketika early harvest dipilih. Minyak unfiltered dan cold pressed ini bertekstur lembut dan tidak berasa minyak. Sesuai untuk pengambilan terus dan sebagai kondimen salad, hidangan dan dicelup dengan roti


Laleli's harvests organic olives from “Kucukkuyu” orchards. This location is on the most north-western end of the Edremit bay area and on south west facing the slopes of, “Ida” mountains range. Olive tree Olea europeae adremittion is endemic to the region and has been propagated with natural means and by man for centuries. The steep slopes of the region, and the lack of technology at the time made it rather difficult to create an organized hand sown plantation. Therefore through antiquity grafting over the wild grown Olea europeae has been the preferred method for plantation. The polyclonal nature of the region creates natural pest resistance and makes these southern slopes of Ida mountain range an ideal location for organic olive production. Moreover Ida mountain range forms a geographical border line between the Edremit bay area and Canakkale, also known as Dardanelles. Kucukkuyu is tied to Canakkale governorship which does not allow aerial fumigation as the rest of the bay area. Within the absence of aerial fumigation, and the polyclonal nature of the area, it was possible to establish certified organic orchards. 

Organic harvest is done utilizing detailed land maps and satellite imagery to clearly differentiate between the organic certified trees and non organic trees. Organic harvested olives and non organic olives are transferred to the mill at different times of the day in clearly differentiated cases as well as clearly documented paper work signed by both the field chief and resident agricultural scientists. Organic compliant production is done on an entirely different production line. Therefore creating out utmost emotional product of “Laleli” Olives and Olive Oils. 

Our Organic Olive Oil was selected one of first 100 best olive oil of World...


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