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Older Item Catalog  >  2- Turkey Olive Oil  »  Minyak Zaitun LALELI (Selection) Extra Virgin 500ml Newer Item
  • Minyak Zaitun LALELI (Selection) Extra Virgin 500ml
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Minyak Zaitun LALELI (Selection) Extra Virgin 500ml
RM70.00  MYR

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Hanya buah bersaiz melebihi 16mm dan yang dipetik dengan tangan ketika early harvest dipilih.Minyak unfiltered dan cold pressed ini bertekstur lembut dan tidak berasa minyak. Sesuai untuk pengambilan terus dan sebagai kondimen salad, hidangan dan dicelup dengan roti




“Made from our selected olives, it has a most exquisite taste”

Selection extra virgin olive oil is evidence that olive oil is not merely oil. Selection olives are mainly early harvested olives which are hand picked with utmost care. After the picking and before the process, the Selection olives are sorted whereby only the olives larger than 16 mm. and only ones without any damage are used. The damaged ones are discarded unlike many other producers in the region, the olives are crushed with disc type of crusher and under cold conditions.


The oil produced is then stored under a nitrogen enriched environment to prevent oxidation and then bottled unfiltered when needed. Organoleptic Chracteristic: The Sienna Municipality Taste Evaluation Commission has described Selection as slightly fruity, with an appetising taste and has accepted this olive oil in the Extra Virgin Category. And the jury of the Northern Olive Oil Show in Australia has described it as having a good green banana aroma , reasonably firm palate with moderate flavours and bitterness. Chemical Characteristic: Maximum acidity of 0.5 %, peroxide less than 8 meg02/kg. , Vit E level max 197 mg/kg. at the production time. These values are not stable, even under best preservative conditions values might deteriorate by time. Therefore, please utilise before the expiration date.



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