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Older Item Catalog  >  3- Spain Olive Oil  »  PONS Olive Oil for Kids 250ml Newer Item
PONS Olive Oil for Kids 250ml
RM50.00  MYR

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The company also produces Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Kids, made for kids 3 years old and up, which has the same acidity levels, but appears to be darker and slightly stronger in taste than the baby version.The oil has a slight fruity flavor and is light all-around compared to that of the average oil on the market.

Mediterranean culture includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an essential ingredient in babies and kids diet. "Ponsforchildren" new product line brings this food culture worldwide.Many medical reports support the nutritional benefits of extra virgin olive oil as part of baby and kids' diet, recommending its use from
7 months old.

Important olive oil nutritional facts are:

  1. Vitamin E intake.
  2. Helps to prevent childhood obesity.
  3. Stimulates bone's growth.
  4. Gastric anti-inflammatory effect.


"Ponsforchildren" brings olive oil to babies and kids' diet without disturbing the flavour of their food.


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